The best 10 vape mods of 2017

Being here and reading this article means you are definitely searching for the best vape mod, aren’t you? If so, then you are very lucky as we have a detailed list of the best vape mod brands of 2017.

Here you will come across the most interesting designs and creative looks of the best vape mods for beginners, best vape mods for clouds, best vape mods for flavor, etc.

The list is based on a deep and profound research of the products as well as tests. That’s exactly why these particular 10 kinds are highly recommended by professionals. Perhaps, someone might disagree with this list, yet for now these are real and clear reviews.

Remember, we are updating the information and data on a regular basis as new devices are entering the market daily. Therefore, with any of the below-mentioned device, you will 100% attract people’s attention and make them wonder where you got it.

1. Eleaf iStick



+ unique colorful design

+ easy to fill

+ powerful- 85w


- made of acrylic

A brand new product from this company has created the best vape mod starter kit. It easily boasts of an ELLO tank that is extremely easy to refill, hence it will serve you minimum a couple of years (unless you want to change it for a new one sooner).

Furthermore, it is a 3 piece design with beautiful and exclusive acrylic panels that make the device look exceptional and one of a kind. Despite its compact size, it is has a power of 85w along with TC capabilities. In simple words, it is an excellent kit on the market today.

2. Wismec Reuleaux RXmini



+ non-slip texture due to new technology

+ silicon material

+ unique device

+ 80w of power

+ unique device

+ TC support


- a little bit heavy

RXmini is a perfect device that will suit every pocket without any problems. Despite its compact size, it is more than powerful with 80 watts and 2100 mAh battery. It is charged with the help of a USB. You will hardly find a better tiny model on the whole market among dozens of the best vape mod brands.

It is a great product that does its job perfectly. It has a great cover, various colors possibilities, it is durable due to the materials it is made of, it comes with a matching bumper which is just great. In brief, Wismec keeps high standards of the design, look and which is more important, functionality.

3. Digiflavor Ubox



+ long-lasting

+ great battery life

+ quality smooth texture

+ it is comfortable to hold even on the go

+ best beginner vape mod


- if the atomizer larger than 22 mm, it doesn’t fit

Digiflavor is one of most well-known companies internationally. It is extremely popular among people worldwide due to its simplicity yet functionality and personality at the same time. This model is simply ideal for beginners – it is intuitive, easy to use, functional, has ergonomic design, fits perfectly everywhere and above all, stylish. What else can one wish for when choosing the best vape mod?

However, there are several more benefits it easily boasts of: it is safe, its battery is controlled by the LED and the right amount of wattage. Excellent, isn’t it?

4. Innokin iRoar



+ durable

+ long-lasting

+ powerful

+ batteries are included along with the device in a packaging

+ simple in usage


- doesn’t have a temperature control

This year Innokin has decided to make a real “”break-through” in the history of vapes. It has come up with an idea to utilize 2 cells that are held by magnetic doors, which automatically means a much longer battery life compared with any other model of any brand. Additionally to that, the company has also developed a new MODP technology for a greater power, making your device the best vape for clouds.

The performance is efficient as it has 3 different buttons to monitor the device, a LED battery and a bright screen. Buying the full kit, you also receive batteries and Scion. So, if searching for the best small vape mod, then this one is what you should go for.

5. Aspire Zelos



+ 4 power modes

+ comfortable to hold and use

+ not heavy

+ unique slim design

+ self-rotating


- misleading battery info

Seeking a mod of a compact size? Then this particualr model is what you should try. It is considered to be the best vape mod because thousands of people are extremely satisfied with its features, abilities and efficiency. It is powerful, portable and super popular nowadays. Even though it is slim, it has 50w power and 2500 mAh battery.

As it was mentioned in the pros, it has a unique display, USB charger and a spring loaded connection. So, wishing ofr an ergonomic yet powerful device, Zelos is a great option. What can be better?

6. Sigelei Spark



+ stylish colorful design

+ availability of a temperature control

+ compact size –fits everywhere

+ powerful despite a small size


- USB location

Sigelei Spark 90w is the best cheap vape mod that can only be found. At the same time, it is a great choice for regular users as well as the best vape mod for beginners. Its compact size allows its owner to take it out anywhere and anytime without feeling uncomfortable. So, if portability and power are the two main features you are seeking, then you will hardly find a better model..

This is an outstanding model for those who can’t live without style even in little things. With this product you have an opportunity to choose among dozens of colors starting from rainbows and finishing with black and white. Choose your own style so that your vape is as exceptional as you are.

7. Pioneer4you D4



+ lots of designs and colors

+ durable

+ portable

+ powerful

+ easy to use

+ 3 buttons for controlling


- standard features

Pioneer4you with 80w is considered to be not only one of the best vape mods 2017 but also one of the best vape mods under 50. It has got a great reputation among people worldwide due to its design even though everything is quiet simple. Yet as the practice shows, simplicity always wins.
The device can boast of 80w power, temperature control and a chipset.

Comparing this model with the previous one (D3), not many improvements have been made, only a few little upgrades. They include: smooth edges, classic finish and bigger variety of styles and designs so everyone can choose whatever he/she likes more.

8. Halo Mega Reactor



+ long-lasting

+ easy to operate

+ 80w power

+ reliable and durable


- location of a charging port

All the functionality can be found here. All the features, benefits and pros one wishes for are in this particular device. It can easily be called the best small vape mod, the best vape mod for clouds, the best cheap vape mod, etc.

Speaking of its technical characteristics, it is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery which means a long-lasting life, 80w power, temperature control and a tank. This kit is an amazing option for reasonable money. Think no longer- buy now.

9. SMOK Alien



+ availability of a dual battery

+ durable and long-lasting

+ different modes: from normal to hard

+ temperature control

+ nice to the touch

+ user-friendly interface


- stiff

Do you want your vaper to look different from the rest? Then don’t go any further, as it is the best vape mod in this case. This is the first device that can boast of a squeezable firing system, dual battery, OLED screen and many other beneficial options other similar devices lack. All the important information you need to know regarding the device is displayed to you anytime you need it.

Nonetheless, there are some other pros, this model can share e.g. monitoring of temperature, preheat modes, intuitive interface, etc. No wonder it is also considered to be the best vape mod for flavor.

10. GeekVape



+ 100w of every battery

+ waterproof

+ made of genuine leather and steel

+ easy to press a button


- heavy

How many mods can boast of waterproof features? GeekVape can and perhaps, that’s the major ground why it is the most well-bought product. The construction of this device is also great- it is compact, fits everywhere and feels comfortable to keep in a hand.

Moreover, it has a LED screen, 100w power, various TC modes and of course, TCR technology. It is the best vape mod for clouds in accordance with peoples’ opinions. So, give it a go and you will never regret.