The Best Duracell Car Batteries Or A Pink Rabbit That Made History

If you are looking for an ideal vehicle battery, then you will hardly find a better brand than Duracell. Duracell is a professional and extremely high-quality company that has been on the market for decades and stands for durability, maximum power and life in extreme situations that can unpredictably happen with cars or any other vehicle. For this reason, Duracell experts have developed batteries that are well-constructed and consequently, deliver long-lasting performance so that a buyer can completely rely on the product in absolutely all conditions.

The range of Duracell batteries is diverse, starting from "Starter" products and finishing with "Advanced" and "Professional" ones for trucks, public transport and even agricultural vehicles. Duracell is simply the best car battery brand that is capable of producing and offering perfect batteries to match your needs and lifestyle. So, whenever you need batteries for short/long trips, for classic or extraordinary vehicles - Duracell has it all and even more!

Remember, the best car batteries are those that combine great performance, durability and of course, cost. And is the best place to buy car batteries that correspond all these and many more features and benefits. So, don't waste more time, searching for standard batteries as Duracell brand new products produced in Japan are already available!

Top rated Duracell car batteries reviewed

We have reviewed dozens of car batteries from different manufacturers and have come up to a conclusion that Duracell is the one that is really worth buying. The brand offers its customers attractive prices, car battery chargers, aaa car batteries/ 6 volt car batteries/ dry cell car batteries, large assortment, lots of advantages and many other beneficial criteria.

1. Duracell CR1632 Car Remote Battery

Duracell CR1632 review


+ brand new

durable (more than 5 years)

+ good warranty

can be replaced

+ great price

+ comes in different sizes

child-resistant packaging

+ works in variable devices: car remote, key fob, keyless entry, etc


- there are rare cases when they last less than stated

If you have ever thought of who makes the best car battery, then this is definitely Duracell – a number one trusted and reliable brand in the power industry and CR1632 model is a great example of that. The average car battery life of this model is the whole 5 years compared to other brands that serve maximum a couple of months. With these batteries you can be assured to get everything you want as they are ready to go when you need it the most. They come in 3 sizes: 2x1, 2x2, 2x3 and are made of lithium 3V.

Apart from all these pros, the batteries also have a triple corrosion protection, hence perform greatly in all suitable and recommended devices e.g. car remotes, key fob, keyless entry and many others.

The majority of people buy this particular product for car remotes and are very pleased with the results they see as the batteries run strong and long! They produce a power you can trust!

2. Duracell MN21B2PK Keyless Entry Battery

Duracell MN21B2PK Keyless Entry Battery


+ waterproof

+ high-quality

+ durable

+ great value for money

+ low price

+ warranty

+ child-resistant packaging

+ works in variable devices: car remote, garage door openers, keyless entry, etc


- don’t last as long as the guarantee states, yet can be replaced by the manufacturer

Duracell is an internationally known best car battery brand that offers its customers a wide range of batteries for all occasions and situations in life. It provides so needed powerful batteries for cars, watches, electronic devices, etc and MN21B2PK is a great example of that. It is a 12V Alkaline battery that is used mainly for dealing with car alarms, garage door openers and more. It comes in a pack of two and has an average car battery life of more than 5 years. In case if the product “dies” earlier than that, the manufacturer automatically replaces it.

Having read and summarized all feedbacks and car battery reviews left by the customers, one can say that the rating of 4.7 out of 5 demonstrates super high result. Therefore, if that’s what you are looking for then don’t waste more time and order this product at the best place to buy car battery –

3. 8 Duracell Duralock 21/23 12V Alkaline Batteries MN21B4 8LR50 A23 MN21

Duracell Duralock 21-23 12V


+ flexible

+ quality

+ longevity (expiration 2021)

+ cheap price

+ suitable for many devices

+ great package

+ 4.5/5 rating


- no lithium equivalent

Any Duracell battery is the best you can buy and 8 Duracell Duralock 21/23 12V Alkaline Batteries MN21B4 8LR50 A23 MN21 is a great proof of that. Purchasing this kind of batteries you automatically receive a long-lasting and reliable power that can be used in all important electronic devices. It was especially designed by Duracell experts for the use in GPS trackers, car remotes, car alarms, key fob and many more.

It is a 12 volt car battery with the guarantee of more than 5 years- average car battery life. That’s why, when you wonder how often to replace car battery, then it shouldn’t be done more often than every 5 years which is extremely good for the price a company offers. You will never find a cheaper cost in any store. That’s why don’t lose an opportunity to get these durable batteries right here and right now from the best car battery brand Duracell at

4. Duracell Go Mobile Charger Review

Duracell Go Mobile Charger review


+ long-lasting

+ high-quality

+ ergonomic design

+ suitable for powering up in a car or at home

+ rechargeable aa/ aaa car battery

+ charges in about 1 hour

+ comes in a child resistant package

+ attractive price (less than $15)

+ warranty from the manufacturer


- doesn’t always last as long as stated at the expiration date

The Duracell GoMobile Charger is a great invention for those who are constantly in need to charge several batteries at once. With this particular charger you can do it with up to four aa or aaa batteries. This enables everyone to have power regularly within just one hour whenever he/she needs it, whether it is at home or in a car.

When not in use, the batteries hold the power for more than half a year – that’s much longer than any other ordinary battery. Furthermore, this product can be used hundreds of times and consequently, serve years.

The price is absolutely affordable for every single person and will never burn holes in people’s pockets as the product costs less than $15. Also, its compact size and great design fit nicely into cup holders of almost all cars. So, just bring it into a car and recharge while driving. What can be better? Buy now at the best car battery place – at the most affordable price ever!


There are hundreds of car battery reviews on the internet. However, almost all of them emphasize that exactly Duracell supplies the world with the best energy in batteries for decades.

All of you have 100% seen various advertisements with a pink rabbit that demonstrates longevity exactly as batteries do.

Duracell batteries last way longer than any other battery - a feature that can’t make clients feel happier.

Despite the fact that Duracell is the leading brand on the market, its developers keep developing new products and improve the exciting ones with regards to performance and quality.