What is the main aim of a laptop cooling pad? Well, to explain it simply, it is the best way to keep the laptop cool, hence letting it demonstrate amazing, quick and stable performance. To be exact, it is a special airflow that makes the device stay in a great condition even after many hours of working on it.

Indeed, nowadays, a great number of people tend to purchase small laptops, not depending on the activities: video games, work or something else. However, even these small electronic devices are very powerful and may overheat in some situations. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, one can buy the best laptop coolers that come in different styles, sizes, shapes, etc. Some manufacturers are aimed at producing small and slim sizes that would fit easily in a bag, whereas others produce bigger sizes for longer working hours.

In brief, whatever your needs and priorities are, there is always a laptop cooler that would suit you. To help you choose an excellent one, we have gathered the top 10 best laptop cooling pads.

1. Havit F2056 Cooling Pad

Havit F2056 Cooling Pad


+ small size

+ comfortable

+ works quietly

+ has extra USB ports


- doesn’t blow well

This particular laptop cooler is currently one of the most well-purchased goods. The reasons for that are more than clear: it comes at an affordable price ($21), it is super slim and thin which means it will fit absolutely everywhere and can be taken anywhere.

It has 2 adjustable settings and is ergonomic. It is made of a high-quality material, hence will serve you for a long time (plus there is always a warranty from the manufacturer). It is absolutely not noisy compared to other products of other brands, thus will not disturb you while working. And finally, it has additional USB ports, giving you an opportunity to connect more devices.

2. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad


+ maximum cooling

+ unique design

+ special angles for typing, playing, etc

+ no neck or back pain

+ powerful and quiet


- clips don’t always stay up

This cooling pad for laptop is a wonderful choice for those who are seeking great and silent performance of the device at the same time. However, the product has many more features to boast. For instance, it has 4 fans and a platform is made of metal which automatically makes the heat “disappear”.

It is of a small size and can be taken along no matter where you are planning to go so that your investment is always protected. It also has extra USB ports for connecting more devices which is great during travels. In short, it is comfortable as it is adjustable to different situations, it has an exclusive design and the most significant, it is of a very high quality.

3. Opolar LC06 Laptop Fan with Temperature Display and Cooling Pads

Opolar LC06 Laptop Fan with Temperature Display and Cooling Pads


+ ergonomic design

+ brand-new innovative model

+ 13 various speeds

+ 2 modes

+ updated LED screen

+ warranty


- becomes noisy after some time

Nowadays, this laptop cooling fan is one of the most innovative and technological ones among dozens of competitors. It features all possible and impossible features to protect your device from overheating and consequently, unpleasant issues connected with it. It has a great design, it is compact, has 13 various speeds and 2 modes for controlling: manual and automatic.

Additionally, it sucks the temperature in accordance with its appearance, it is silent and much better than majority of similar products thanks to its updates, durability and excellent performance for hours long. It definitely stands out from other products offered by other manufactures, letting you play video games, work, watch HD movies, and run many applications simultaneously.

4. TeckNet N5 Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad


+ comfortable working surface

+ availability of double airflow

+ slim

+ compatible with many brands and models

+ warranty


- not lightweight

Having read and analyzed hundreds of laptop cooling pad reviews, we have come to a conclusion that TeckNet is the number 1 and here are the reasons why.

First, thousands of people have left positive feedbacks about it, giving it a general rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.

Second, it comes at a price that is affordable for absolutely everyone and is compatible with notebooks, ultrabooks, BookPro, Apple (in case if you have several devices).

Third, 2 USB ports let its owner to connect additional devices.

Fourth, it is compact and portable, meaning it can be taken anywhere and anytime. It is very comfortable as it can be angled at any position you feel comfortable with, hence no back or pain ache are guaranteed.

Definitely worth buying.

5. NotePal X3 Laptop Cooler

NotePal X3 laptop cooling pads


+ powerful performance

+ warranty

+ sturdy surface for your device

+ fan speed controller

+ compatible with various sizes 15” up to 17”


- charging ports

Searching for the best laptop cooling pads for gamers? Well, don’t search any further as this product is exactly what you need. It provides so necessary cooling to your notebook, ultrabook, netbook or any other gadget. It is not a secret that gaming laptops have a tendency to overheat and a special LED light of this model helps to avoid such situations, no matter how long a person is playing.

The vent is located at the front, keeping your hands dry. The manufacturer provides a warranty or money back guarantee in case if a client is not satisfied with the received product. To put it simply, it is a risk-free purchase for those, who are into games! Highly recommended!

6. CM Storm SF-17 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad


+ powerful yet silent

+ 4 USB ports

+ easy to carry design

+ 4 adjustments for typing angles

+ warranty


- plastic material

This is one of the best laptop coolers recently produced by CM Storm company that is known internationally as a reliable and trusted firm. Mainly, this laptop cooler is aimed at gaming purposes, however, it is very often purchased by people who use their devices only for working.

It is equipped with a powerful fan, has minimum noise, has red LEDs on both sides and another red strip at the front which makes the model super stylish. Also, it can boast of 2 different adjustments, so that you can take any position you feel comfortable at. 4 USB ports give a possibility to connect extra devices if needed. Compatible with large screens up to 19”. Worth buying especially considering all its benefits and a reasonable price it comes at.

7. NotePal X-Slim

NotePal X-Slim cooler


+ compatibility

+ ultra slim

+ excellent for gaming

+ chill mat for Apple, Ultrabook, netbook, notebook, etc


- USB wire

This particular product is an excellent laptop cooling pad that is compact, lightweight and effective at the same time. No matter where you are, at work, University, school or any other place, you can be sure that the running system of your device will always be cool and protected. It is very silent, you will almost not hear it working.

Moreover, it is very lightweight, slim and portable which makes its easy to take anywhere and anytime. The airflow it generates is excellent and leaves no chances for any device to overheat. The company also provides 1 year warranty during which the product can be changed for a new one. In simple words, whether you need it for gaming, watching movies, working, etc – it would be a great choice!

8. Cooler Master NotePal U3+ Review

Cooler Master NotePal U3+ review


+ aluminium structure

+ sleek design

+ various typing angles

+ configurable fans

+ portabl


- fairly loud

This particular model is super slim and lightweight, yet at the same time powerful. It features 3 laptop cooling fans that can be adjusted however you want for even greater performance. The company did its best to update the fans for better airflow and subsequently, stability. It can even be used as a carrying case thanks to a special strap.

Despite such a huge number of advantages, its price is more than affordable - $40. For this money you get an ergonomic design, different typing angles so you don’t have to seat in one position, rubber paddling so the device doesn’t slip off, 1 year warranty and many other extra options and features. Give it a go and you 100% won’t regret!

9. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad review


+ noise-free

+ 5 built-in fans

+ dual USB port

+ 6 height settings

+ compact


- plugins

This laptop cooling pad is extremely strong, durable, lightweight and powerful. Its design is sleek and stylish. Additionally, it is anti-slip which means your device can breathe without any problems. It has dual USB, giving its owner a possibility to connect more devices if needed for working, gaming or other purposes.

There are the whole 5 fans, so upon desire you can select one, two or all 5 at once. Its price is $ 24 without extra fees for shipping as it is absolutely free if you purchase it from Also, there is a warranty that guarantees high quality and money back option if you are not satisfied with the product. What else can one wish for?

10. Cooler Master CHS02KA

Cooler Master CHS02KA


+ suitable for adults’ as well as kids’ laptops, notebooks, etc

+ support almost all devices up to 17”

+ ergonomic design

+ chills the heat

+ comfortable surface


- louder than expected

This best laptop cooling pad acts as a chill mat that is aimed at complete minimizing of the heat generated by a device. It can be placed absolutely everywhere, starting from a table and finishing with a lap due to its unique a little bit curved design. Also, it is compatible with a great number of computers, no matter who uses them: kids, teens or adults.

This automatically means that it can be used for various purposes, to name just a few: gaming, working, watching HD movies, typing, etc. It comes at an affordable price for every pocket and has a high rating- 4.7 out of 5. Don’t forget about the warranty provided by the manufacturer as soon as you buy the product. Give it a go now to not regret later!

11. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad TNB-K0025



+ 4 fans

+ portable

+ lightweight

+ metal platform

+ various height settings


- noisy

Without the right laptop cooler, any device, be it a notebook, netbook, Ultrabook, etc has all chances to overheat while generating power. Nonetheless, with this amazing model, your investment has it all, to demonstrate only great performance, excluding any possibility of breaking.

Additionally to that, there is no more need to stay at one place all the time, as there are adjustable heights and angles, letting you feel comfortable in your favorite positions. 100% no neck and back pain. There are the whole 4 fans that balance the airflow, letting the device stay and look cool due to its exclusive design with blue LED. Guaranteed warranty from the manufacturer and reasonable price.